Extreme pain on my right ankle….

With reference to the HTT Natural Healing Centre, I hereby wish to confirm my experience and the great success in the healing process gained from the treatment. 

I suffered extreme pain on my right ankle for three weeks without any relief from pain killers and rubbing compounds, etc. in desperation I decided to visit the above healing centre to try some acupuncture and I must say the dreaded pain vanished after 3 step by step appointments. 

I highly recommend the above centre. 


With a tight shoulder for about 3 years I now developed extreme lower back pain, thankfully while being at Liberty Midlands Mall I came across the HTT Natural Healing Centre stand.

There was a charming lady that did a free consult and check and she told me what my ailment was, with the help of her leaflet I did the Candida test and I knew I required assistance from Usha 

After the first

 treatment I had much relief and with the advice of Usha as to what foods I should and should not eat. I was on my way to recovery. After 4 treatments I have more energy and feel like my old self again. It is very important to follow Usha’s advice as it has a huge impact as to what we put into our body. I felt an immense difference.

I thank you Usha and her husband for putting back the spring in my step and for sound advice. I would recommend HTT Natural Healing to anyone who wants to regain their health naturally.

Thank You
N Hoosen.

Suffering from very heavy, irregular periods
Have been suffering from very heavy, irregular periods since the birth of my last child, 5 years ago. I did not receive much help from the medical professionals and was at a dead end. I decided to try HTT and was amazed at the results. I now have a regular cycle, with normal blood loss and my energy levels are unbelievable!! I am most impressed and would recommend this form of alternate therapy to anyone who is suffering from low energy or any problems with your monthly cycle.
Brenda van gogh

Prolapsed Disc & Osteoarthritis 
Four years ago I suffered a Prolapsed Disc which left me paralysed on my left side. After intensive treatment and physio I started walking again. Three years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my cervical spine. I only got temporary relief from pain killers and muscle relaxants. My sleeping patterns changed, I could barely sleep at night, I eventually went 

on sleeping pills, my energy levels started to drop. From last year I started suffering with pains through out my entire body, lower-back, shoulders, neck, arms, knees, hips. I used to spend 70% of my time in bed. After meeting Usha at Midlands Mall, I decided to try the treatment. I had nothing to lose. After my first session, I felt so energetic, light and pain free. It was like a dream, I also followed Usha’s diet, which really helped with the bloated tummy and constipation. I would highly recommend HTT clinic. Many thanks to Usha and John for the tremendous work you do. You have made my dream a reality. 
Lots of good wishes and God bless. MRS. R. KHAN