I would like to thank John and Usha for changing my life. Having suffered with headaches all my life and “rheumatoid arthritis” for 20 years I also have problems with the Sciatica nerve and a pinched nerve on my neck, I have “rheumatoid arthritis on multiple levels on my spine. As a result of this I have extreme pain in both hands, legs and entire back. Movement with my right hand is very limited due to terrible pain in my shoulder .I have been in hospital a number of times and been treated with pain-killers, anti-inflammatories and steroids with no relief.. I reached a stage in life where I could not walk. A relative asked me to contact Dr. Alan Lin in Westville. He in turn referred me to John and Usha. I had 4 sessions with John and Usha and haven’t look back. After my 1st session I found a huge difference in my pain level. Usha’s treatment and diet has transformed me into a new person. I would recommend John and Usha to anyone with health problems, John and Usha keep up the great work.

GOD BLESS! Many Thanks     Usha Singh 

I Mini Bridgmohun visited HTT natural healing centre after meeting with several friends. Their problems were more pain on their shoulder or lower back. However I had a unique problem called Burring mouth syndrome with no known cure. I had to use medication for stress. Today I can recommend anyone who has my problem or any other pain in their body to try HTT natural healing centre. I have very little or no pain in my mouth. Thank You Usha and John for treating and caring for me.

I initially met Usha at Liberty Mall earlier in the year and I kept the brochure I received safely-just in case…Later, I developed a great amount of pain over the right side of my rib cage both in the front and back. It was so excruciating that it was difficult for me to sit or get up with ease. It effected my driving as well as my daily work. The severity of the pain was so intense that it began to radiate throughout my entire body. I received physiotherapy but it was curtailed because of some unusual pains I experienced. I was requested to visit a physician via my GP for further prognosis. I was not keen to do that. I contacted Usha and I was told that I suffered from severe stress and in danger of having a stroke. After being put on a strict diet and treatment; I felt a renewed zest for life.

I wish Usha and her husband John lots of luck in the future. Thank you very much for helping me.                                                 Sangeeta  

The HTT Natural Healing Centre is a must for everyone, especially those suffering with long term pain like myself. I suffered with a stiff neck for nearly ten years and sought medical help but to no avail. After my first treatment with HTT Natural Healing, I began to see a difference. It is worth a try, with the assistance of Usha and her wonderful husband I am able to continue with a healthier lifestyle.

                                                   Nashrene Abbas.