I Husna Ansari who was introduced to HTT by neighbor.

With reference to the HTT Natural Centre. I here by want to confirm my experience and success that I gained from treatment. I was suffering from a frozen shoulder and spine problems and was hospitalized twice. By starting the treatment, I felt my pain gone and I also lost lots of weight. I followed the diet that Usha had told me and I lost 10kgs in five weeks. I had to go for nine sessions. Amazingly I was relieved of all the pains. Thank you so much Usha and John, you have made a difference in my life.  

                                                       H.B ANSARI

I had persistent cough for many years. I took many cough mixtures from different doctors but it couldn’t stop. I even did about 3T.BX-Rays but nothing was found from my chest. I visited Usha and her husband the cough stopped. They suggested that I do away with cake flour and eat brown rice, that helped me much. I had a problem with my left arm I could not move it freely and I could not life it up, after only one session, with Usha and her husband I managed to use it. Thank you, Usha and John.


I had a problem with generalised oedema and renal retention, caused by intravenous steroids, which I took while I was in hospital for an acute attack of asthma. 


Fortunately Usha and John had insight into the cause of my problem.I followed the diet that they prescribed and completed a course of their meridian message and laser accupuncture. I also successfully used Moxa between my sessions. My condition gradually resolved itself, without the use of any medication, whatsoever.


Thank you kindly, Usha and John, for helping me through an extremely traumatic time in my life. God bless you and your family to help many more people.




I would like to thank Usha and her husband, John, for their excellent treatment. I suffered from recurring headaches, sinus, lack of energy and bloated tummy. Within one week my symptoms had disappeared and as I had followed their healthy eating plan, I had lost weight around my waist and hips and my stomach was no longer bloated. I would happily recommend this treatment to anyone.