I started to lose interest in everything
I have been experiencing lower back pain for many years. My doctor used to tell me that it was a pinched nerve. I used to take anti inflammatory which eased the pain only for a short while. I felt so hopeless, worry took over leaving me sleepless. I started to lose interest in everything. Weakness and numbness in my body were getting the better of me.
One day I read a pamphlet on H.T.T. and decided to give it a try. After the first treatment I already felt a difference. I have had a few sessions and my pain is gone and I am sleeping well at night. I can certainly recommend this treatment to anyone.


I was suffering with a stiff lower back for a long time, I had tried various therapies and had different level of cure, I had been on acupuncture, when I found Usha leaflet in my post box, I decide to try it, after 5 treatments I found a lot of relief and feet very energetic.

Joseph Design

Jonathan Edwards - 40 Years - Toolmaker

Ailment - Lumbar Vertebrae

Brenda Edwards - 40 Years - Personal Trainer

Ailment - Sciatica & Menstrual/Uterus Problems

My husband and I were introduced to H.T.T Natural healing centre had six treatments - sciatic nerve now functions without pain - lumber vertebrae are more mobile and pain free menstrual cycle and uterus problems have healed, no need for medication we found this chiropractor to be humble, professional and interested in healing and solving clients problems, we both suffered for 10 years and longer, now we are pain free, no medication required.

Brenda Edwards

I Shreen Alli Visited H.T.T Natural healing centre after meeting with a friend who had, had a problem with his shoulder, he found relief after visiting H.T.T. Natural healing centre, my visit was successful as well, after suffering with my back for about 16 years, my relief was very pleasing, the exercises and massage really helped, my back pains are something of the past now, all those whom I have introduced have found the same amount of satisfaction. I recommend H.T.T. Natural healing centre.

Shreen Alli