Reference for Usha hsu (Htt Natural Healing Centre)

I have been a Client of Usha and I have felt amazing afterwards it has been such an amazing treatment and such a turn around in my life.

I have been a person with migraine for the last 16 years and been from brain-specialist to doctor and more tests and more tests and they just gave me more and more medicine I am only 32 years old so it worries me all the time so when I met Usha I thought I would give it a try.

The first laser treatment I had made me find my old self before I had these migraines it was amazing all the knots in my back went down and I just felt so alive, My second and third Treatment when Usha did cupping to take out the toxins from my body, I felt tired afterwards but after the healing power my Migraine are so far and between it is amazing.

I think this new healing way is the way to go if you want to feel healthy and happy again, take this opportunity to feel better with no medicine and not toxins.

Many Thanks

Marilyn Revesz

A woman with a charming face came up to me at the Liberty Midlands Mall and handed me a leaflet from HTT Natural Healing centre. I read the leaflet instantly, and I was immediately impressed.

I did the Candida test the next morning and instantly knew that I had to visit the HTT Natural Healing Centre. I was truly amazed after my first appointment with HTT. I have been suffering with a skin problem for many years now, I have been to several medical professionals, who have tried to help me. I have tried numerous and several different medications, which helped for a while but after a few months after the medication was taken and the course completed the problem would be back. After the first visit to HTT I could immediately feel the difference, not only with my skin but in my entire body. Usha gave me sound advice on which foods to eat and which foods to stick to, and to use these foods as medication to get well. Therefore the choice of our foods is very, very important.

I have been for four sessions, and have followed HTT Natural Healing Centre's methods exclusively, I look forward to my next session, because I know that I am well on my way to a full recovery from a bad skin disease, nothing else. At the moment my health is in a perfect condition, and I am very healthy and very well.

Thank you

I recommend anyone who is having health problems to please visit HTT Natural healing centre

Thanks to Usha and her Team.

My 13 year lid son is Autistic. He was diagnosed with A.D.H.D. he also suffered with sweaty palms. was always angry and tired. He was also not sleeping well. H.T.T therapy has helped tremendously. After the first session. he was already sleeping better and his palms were not as sweaty anymore. By the 4th treatment his energy levels were almost all normal. My child became much calmer and felt a whole lot better. I definably recommend H.T.T therapy.

Mrs. Noorgat

I have been suffering with lower back pain for many years. Last week my GP advised that I be hospitalized and undergo procedures with the possibility of surgery. I then consulted H.T.T Nature healing centre in pursuit of an alternative to surgery and non-invasive procedures. I was treated to a session of Chinese massage at H.T.T Natural healing centre, amazingly I was relieved of all pain after my session, H.T.T Natural healing center has proved most certainly works.