I would like to thank Usha and her husband John for the excellent treatment. I 

suffered from extreme lower back pain. After my first visit I fell great relief. By the 

time I visited for the third time, the back pain was completely gone. 

I happily recommend this treatment to anyone 

Thank you John+Usha God Bless.


                                                     GURU DHANILAL

My name is Christopher Rae, I am a 24 year old post graduate student at the University of KwaZulu-

Natal. In August 2012 I suffered a wrist injury to my left wrist from a wrist lock in martial arts practice. I 

tried a few alternates but no one could really help and 8 months later I found out it may be a triangular 

fibrocartilage complex tear by visiting a specialist. I could not afford the suggested surgery so I chose to 

live with the injury wearing an orthotic wrist brace. The injury persisted for a year and a half and every 

day I suffered an inconsistent dull ache pain that could be triggered by moving or not moving, even 

accidentally opening taps with the wrong hand could be painful.. I had heard good things about chinese 

medicine so I decided to try and see if there were any TCM practitioners in the area and found the 

website for HTT Natural Healing Centre. 


I decided to visit HTT Natural Healing Centre where Usha and John helped me through massage 

treatment directly to my injured wrist. I was surprised that after treatments there was no bruising 

despite a vigorous massage. John was the first to notice that a bone in my wrist was slightly out of 

place, I had noticed this but it had been missed by everyone else I had previously tried. The treatment 

was intense and at one point I was even in more pain then initially but I kept at it because I was tired 

of the pain and was sure that this was changing my situation. After only seven sessions my wrist was 

much better and I am now practically pain free (even opening taps is easy). Thank you John and Usha, 

not only for relieving me of an almost 2 year old injury but also for assisting in living a healthier life 



Kind Regards,


Christopher Rae

I have been a client of HTT for the past several weeks for severe back and hip pain. I 

am feeling 100% better since the first visit.

I must thank John and Usha for the excellent treatment I have received and I am 

looking forward to my next session.

I would happily recommend this treatment to anyone.


THANKS to John and Usha at HTT Natural Healing Centre

On 6th March, 2014, out of pure desperation, I allowed a colleague to book me an 

appointment with John and Usha.  I had NO idea what kind of treatment I was in for, nor did 

I really expect any results.  

My husband had been critically ill with cancer for over 2 years and this was a further 2 years 

since his passing.  I could NOT sleep more than 50 minutes at a time at best with a total of 

between 4 and 5 hours sleep a night.  I was exhausted and running on empty.  My body 

ached all over as well as throbbing headaches.  

At my initial assessment, I told them I was there due to being absolutely exhausted.

It was amazing to be told by John what was wrong with me – why I was feeling so sore and 

exhausted – NO sleep.  John worked with his healing hands on different parts of my back 

and legs before putting on the machines.  After a one hour appointment, I drove home 

feeling re energised, relaxed and ready to sleep.  And sleep I did.  I have slept through from 

that night to now!  I set my alarm to wake up.  AMAZING!!!  Family and friends have been 

witness to this radical improvement in my life.  I have energy, I am relaxed and ready for 


SINCERE THANKS to John and Usha.  Do yourself a favour, no matter what your condition - 

you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by attending a session at HTT.    


Odette Randelhoff