Hi Usha and John

Here is my Mother's testimonial for you and John.

I am 78 years old and have suffered with Asthma for the past 50 years. I lost my 

sense of smell over the years due to sinus problems and asthma.

Over the last year I have been having difficulty lifting my leg and getting in and out of 

cars or off a chair. It has progressively worsened, to the point of overbalancing when 

getting into trousers and putting on my boots etc.

I have also been having issues with bloating and discomfort with my digestive 


After only one session with John, I had the full use of my legs back, with no issue of 

lifting them, getting in and out of cars or chairs and I no longer overbalance when 


After 4 sessions my sense of smell partially returned and will hopefully continue to 

improve as I continue my treatments.

It has now been 6 sessions and the improvement in my Asthma is strong. I can now 

walk a fair distance with ease and walk up stairs or hills way more easily, which I has 

battled to do for a long time. 

Since I have been seeing John and Usha, I am a new person. I feel like my old self 

again. My body is lighter, stronger, and more alive. 

I also feel able to face challenges and cope with things way more than I was over the 

last few years. I am stronger, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as 


 I recommend anyone who is having health problems to please visit HTT Natural healing 



Many thanks


 - Dorita Campbell, Cape Town.