While I was at hospital, I met a lovely woman and asked her about cupping and she informed 

me about Usha and John.

I am a severe insulin dependent diabetic suffering from venous insufficiency.  There was an 

area above my left ankle, next to the shin bone, that had turned black.  It was soft and 

painful to the touch.  It also had a few pus-filled bubbles underneath the skin.  I was told 

that if the infection reaches the bone, it may mean amputation of that leg.  I was very afraid.  

I have been to the HTT Healing Centre for 6 treatments to date.  I am grateful to Usha and 

John as all treatments are carried out in an atmosphere of healing and calm.

Mr John used a combination of electrodes, dry cupping, meridian massage and ‘moxi sticks’ 

(which the client uses at home).  I must reiterate that the pain has subsided considerably 

(even though I do have my ‘off’ days).  There is a remarkable improvement in the condition 

of the diseased part of my left leg and the entire area is smaller and not so black anymore.

I am really satisfied with what this marvellous treatment has accomplished for me.  Usha 

and John are wonderful people who make you feel comfortable on arrival.

I would certainly recommend anyone who is serious about their health to undergo this 

treatment.  It is really worth a try and the results are incredible!!


Nafisa Elfilali